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Welcome to my art journal! This is mainly for me to post pictures of the artwork I've done in school, for my family and anyone else who is interested to see. I have a bad habit of forgetting to take pictures of my work before turning it over to the clutches of my professors, who sometimes keep it for indefinite amounts of time, and I figured this would help me remember. Some of my costumes might show up here, along with artwork I do on my own time (which, unfortunately, isn't something that really happens anymore...), and maybe bits and pieces of art related things that I find interesting. Unless it's an explanation of a picture I've posted, there will be minimal verbage in here; that's what kakumei_chan is for.

I'm an illustration major, so don't expect anything too deep. There was a fine art major girl in my dimensional illustration class, and on the first day she was completely dumbfounded by the fact that all the sample work the professor showed us had some very obvious surface meaning. Still, I try to keep things as interesting as I can under the parameters I'm given.

Also, there will probably be tons of layout ADD. I like playing with photoshop, and this is an art journal, so...

DO NOT take, use, or re-post my artwork under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. All graphics are also made by me, so please ask if you would like to use some.

That's about it. Enjoy the pictures!